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AbouT Me

Coach Who Cares

I pride myself in taking your fitness goals seriously. I understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging. My goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goal by finding the right fitness program. 


Training Expertise

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with my Associates Degree is Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science. In total, I have a cumulative of 8 years of higher education ranging from courses in computer science to courses focusing on human behavior. Through all of this schooling, I have obtained two Associates Degrees, one Bachelor’s Degree and one Master’s Degree. While completing my schooling, I was also enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and am now a veteran, with 8 years of dedicated service to this country.

Your Success is My Goal

 We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often fails. My goal is to change your view on fitness programs, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle. I strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle.


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