Our Approach

What sets me aside from other personal trainers?

I strive to educate myself on the science behind personal training. There are so many basic plans out there for trainers to hand over. The problem with those cookie cutter plans, not a single body is alike. We all have different body types, different lifestyles, emotional stress, physical stress, male/female and diseases. You see, one plan that works for one person will not work for the same for another.

I strive to dig deep with my clients to make sure I give the best I can to help them succeed. I look forward to working with many new challenges and people while building great relationships along the way.

My Story

My name is Christie Wentz,  I am a Certified Personal Trainer with my Degree is Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science. In total, I have a cumulative of 8 years of higher education ranging from courses in computer science to courses focusing on human behavior. Through all of this schooling, I have obtained two Associates Degrees, one Bachelor’s Degree and one Master’s Degree. While completing my schooling, I was also enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and am now a veteran, with 8 years of dedicated service to this country.

Since I was a young girl, I have been interested in the fitness industry and have experimented with a wide variety of workout programs. My mother raised me on the importance of health and fitness, which I try to pass down to my children as well. During my time in the U.S. Military, I passed on that knowledge as well and would assist in proctoring the physical fitness test required to all enlisted personnel. When someone would not pass this test, I would volunteer my time to help get those individuals into the shape they needed in order to re-take the test and pass. This carried over into my time spent working for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. While there, I assisted the fitness coordinator with teaching classes for new officers and proctoring physical fitness tests given to new applicants for the agency.

With this passion and realizing training others was what I loved doing, I began pursing my dream as a Personal Trainer in 2013. At first, my clients consisted of friends and family, but as word spread about what I was doing, my client base began to grow. Eventually, I would start my career as a full-time Personal Trainer. This began as a free-lance trainer and eventually I relocated my services to The Mecca Gym.

During my time as a trainer, I have been able to hone in on my skills and learned where I needed to grow in order to really make a difference in the lives of my clients. This taught me more than I could have ever hoped it would and this was where I truly found my calling to help others conquer their personal goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Many people didn’t know how to start or where, and that’s where I found my calling to help them. During this time period, I also trained and competed in a number of Bodybuilding competitions, including the NPC (National Physique Committee) of Idaho and the Emerald Cup. In 2015, I took home my first 1st place trophy in Women’s Physique for women over 35 years old. Then in 2016, I took 2nd place in my first Strongman competition.

With my spare time, I try to volunteer in the community as much as possible. For a number of years, I have done events to help support The Special Olympics and specific causes focused on the Military, such as Wishes for Warriors. Whenever possible, I make sure to attend any charitable events I can and have run in a number of 5K and 10K runs to support these organizations. I have a passion to help those in need by making sure I give back whenever and wherever I can.

Next Steps…

It is never too late to get started on leading a healthier lifestyle.