Sara’s Success Story!

So this is what I did this summer. After hearing from several of my clients about the Mecca Gym. I went and toured it. Fell in love not only with the gym but the atmosphere. Everyone is like one big family. Then on May 4th I bit the bullet and started seeing a trainer there. Christie Wentz, I cannot say enough about her. My first session I did one minute on the ladder and almost passed out. No lie!! She told me it happens. Dont be embarrassed, just keep trying. Well now I am up to 12 minutes! Even on my worse day I always feel better leaving the Mecca. The circuit class is hard, but the team work is Amazing! And I eat a ton of good healthy food.

From May – September

May- 164.4. September -157.4
May-Bodyfat- 39.58% September-Bodyfat- 22%
May-Fat mass- 65.07% September-Fat mass- 33.21
May-Lean mass- 99.33% September-lean mass- 125.19