Christie.Fit offers online, one-on-one and group training

Online Personal Training 

No matter where you live I can help meet your fitness goals. Easy to follow workout and meal plans tailored for you! Christie.Fit is now partnered with The Knot!

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One-on-One Personal Training 

Need someone to help keep you accountable and reach your goals? One-on-One training is for you!

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Lost Almost 100 lb. to step on stage!

Personal Training

Personal Training is much more than handing someone a workout and walking away, it is a lifestyle change. As a coach, I will be with you every step of the way. Deciding to take action and become healthy can be an emotional change as well as an exciting change.

My goal is to make this educational as well as exciting! Leading a healthier lifestyle does not have to be hard. Given the right knowledge, you can achieve much more than you could’ve ever thought possible! That’s where I come in to help!



Don’t wait any longer, take the next step to educate and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.